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We gratefully acknowledge the seed investments

and decades of ongoing support from

 Peter M. Wege, Doris Wege,

Dr. Peter M. Wege II, Diana, Chris, Jonathan, Johanna

  and other anonymous donors who helped to make possible

   A.B.C. research, educational, community service and

Friendship Archway programs from 1977 to the present.

 2001-2003 Archway programs  also were  made possible in part  by

*Echo Grants from America Online (AOL), and by Award Angels

A.B.C. is very grateful for the faith, wisdom and guidance from

members of A.B.C's Advisory Council (1976 to present)


  Honorable Daniel K. Akaka, U.S. Congressman, Hawaii

His Excellency Zain Azraai, Ambassador, Malaysia

Honorable Birch Bayh, U.S. Senator, Indiana

Dr. Walter E. Boek, President, National Graduate University

Honorable John Brademas, U.S. Congressman, Indiana

Honorable William S. Broomfield, U.S. Congressman, Michigan

Honorable Phillip Burton, U.S. Congressman, California

Dr. James E. Cheek, President, Howard University

Honorable Barber B. Conable, Jr., U.S. Congressman, New York

Honorable Silvio O. Conte, U.S. Congressman, Massachusetts

Honorable Edward J. Derwinski, U.S. Congressman, Illinois

Honorable Robert Dole, U.S. Senator, Kansas

Honorable Lloyd H. Elliot, President, George Washington University

Honorable Hiram L. Fong, U.S. Senator, Hawaii

His Excellency Pyong-choon Hahm, Ambassador, Korea

Honorable Samuel J. Hayakawa, U.S. Senator, California

Reverend Robert J. Henle, President, Georgetown University

Honorable Daniel K. Inouye, U.S. Senator, Hawaii

Honorable Jacob K. Javits, U.S. Senator, New York

His Excellency M. Khir Johari, Ambassador, Malaysia

His Excellency Neville Kanakaratne, Ambassador, Sri Lanka

His Excellency T.N. Kaul, Ambassador, India

Honorable Edward M. Kennedy, U.S. Senator, Massachusetts

Dr. Calvin B.T. Lee, Chancellor, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

His Excellency Hamad Al Madfa, Ambassador, United Arab Emirates

Honorable Spark Matsunaga, U.S. Senator, Hawaii

Honorable Norman Y. Mineta, Congressman, California

His Excellency Dr. Eernest Steven Monteiro, Ambassador, Singapore

Honorable Frank E. Moss, U.S. Senator, Utah

Honorable John M. Murphy, U.S. Congressman, New York

His Excellency Roesmin Nurjadin, Ambassador, Indonesia

His Excellency Timothee N’Guetta Ahoua, Ambassador, Ivory Coast

His Excellency Phagna Khamphan Panya, Ambassador, Laos

Honorable John J. Rhodes, U.S. Congressman, Arizona

His Excellency Eduardo Z. Romualdez, Ambassador, Philippines

His Excellency Georges Salomon, Ambassador, Haiti

His Excellency m. R. Siddiqi, Ambassador, Bangladesh

Honorable John V. Tunney, U.S. Senator, California

Honorable Richard F. Vander Veen, U.S. Congressman, Michigan

Dr. Clarence C. Walton, President, Catholic University

Honorable Charles W. Whalen, Jr., U.S. Congressman, Ohio

His Excellency Takeshi  Yasukawa, Ambassador, Japan

His Excellency Ardeshir Zahedi, Ambassador, Iran


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